Mission Statement

We are deeply concerned by the statement released by the RCVS on Complementary and Alternative Medicines (November 2017) and the apparent desire to limit our choices when treating the animals in our care.
We support the principle that treatment should be underpinned by evidence, but the statement that Homeopathy is not supported by science is incorrect.
The pioneering veterinary surgeons who have studied both conventional veterinary medicine and alternative modalities (under the auspices of the RCVS) offer our animals the best of both worlds. This is to be applauded and in the past has given great credibility to the RCVS.

We do not believe that the RCVS intend to undermine pubic confidence in CAM and believe that its’ priority remains the restoration of health to sick animals using all options in the most effective and gentlest way possible. We would therefore ask that the RCVS withdraw this statement and instead look to support the work of all their dedicated and professional members who are committed to making the best clinical decisions for the animals they treat.

As advocates for animals we would be happy to work with the RCVS to share our experiences of where and how we have worked with our vets in using both complementary and conventional medicines to help our animals. This will offer the best possible future for the RCVS, your clients, your members and most importantly of all, the animals in our care.


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