Briony Lazarides

 I bred this St. Bernard (from a family with several gens good orthopaedic testing) and the new owners’ vets plus two independent orthopaedic specialists decided he had hip, knee and elbow orthopaedic issues and planned to operate. He was also prescribed a significant amount of NSAIDs. They wanted to give him new knees when he was approx 23 weeks old. It was opined by the specialists that without these operations the dog would be unable to stand up and increasingly collapse as he grew. Happily I got him back the week before.. (my suspicion is he had had a generalised inflammatory response to the vaccines his new owner’s vet had given him at 8 10 and 12 weeks which inflamed all his joints).. Natural nutrition,supplementation and homeopathy overseen by my holistic vet was all this dog needed, and although hip ultimate hipscore totalled 23 (13-10), worse than sister and mum whose totals were each 9, he has had no ongoing symptoms, needed no invasive surgery and no further hemical pain relief .. here he is taking second place out of a large class in PGD Crufts 2017. If my HV had not had the freedom to treat this dog, and Ihad not had the freedom to choose for myself the complementary options, I doubt he would even be alive now

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