Caroline Hearn

There would be too many success stories to list here but just a brief history and one case in particular. I had a yearling home bred horse come back from the Animal Health Trust in 1993 with the diagnosis of nothing more to be done and euthanasia was the only option left . I contacted a vet called Chris Day and my whole life, the way I looked at animals and my career changed on his first visit. The recovery of the horse with his treatment, ongoing care with acupuncture, herbs and homeopathy and opening my eyes to a completely holistic way of treating animals was outstanding. He was my vet for around 15 years and treated all my dogs, horses and other livestock on the farm, often putting practises in place to prevent disease happening in the first place. I went on to become a sports massage & holistic therapist treating people, horses and dogs. I get veterinary permission before treating animals and work alongside vets and other practitioners and it has always worked really well as we compliment each other. Like thousands of other people using all forms of complimentary therapy it has become a total way of life to be without it is completely out of the question and something I will not give up under any circumstances. How arrogant & insulting of the RCVS to assume I am naive, uneducated and a pushover to believe in complementary medicine.