Helen Wilson

5 years ago as now I was a first time paranoid puppy owner.
Trusting my local vet to put my mind at rest with the slightest concern I had, huge mistake!
Signed up for vaccine for life when he was 8 weeks too. Expensive puppy vaccine that was lol, never used it again.
He never ate well as a poodle cross which is very common, by 12 weeks he’d forced me into learning about raw feeding which from my own diet beliefs made complete sense.
We started using Honey’s real dog food who where an enormous help and support throughout the digestive complications we were experiencing.
Aged 1 I stupidly let the vet talk me into lepto 2 vaccine, within a matter of weeks we had a redness in the groin that he wouldn’t stop licking.
Honey’s then suggested I see a homeopathic vet, this I will be eternally grateful to them, my local vet thought it was a bacterial skin infection, my gut told me different, friends I’d met on various health groups did offer lots of support and help but I ended up like a headless chicken not knowing what to do or try for best.
We then decided to visit Sue Armstrong at balanced being, how lucky do I feel nearly 4 years on.
Sue felt he’d been over medicated, it’s been a long slow journey but he’s now on a full and varied diet, he’s a super sensitive dog, without Sue I dread to think his outcome, I feel so very lucky to be one of her clients, a truly dedicated and passionate lady who deserves better treatment than she is currently receiving from the powers that be 😞
Following on from Balanced being we also see a Mc Timmoney chiropractor regularly for knee issues, again without balanced being ( thanks to Jade Parveux ) this time we avoided surgery, it’s nearly 2 years since initial limp and he’s doing great.