Jan Caldwell

My Golden Retriever had an aural hematoma which the Vet suggested leaving alone as draining it would cause it to fill up again. I consulted Helios and they advised Calendula 12C and Arnica/Hama/Silica 200C with diluted calendula tincture to bathe the ear. The whole ear flap was a pocket of blood. Two weeks and it was gone – the Vet said it was amazing, no deformity at all. The same dog had two what looked like puncture wounds near her vulva. Goodness knows what it was. The Vet was puzzled, said he’d never seen anything like it. The holes were oozing pus. He cleaned her up and prescribed antibiotics and told me to bathe with saline. At the end of the course the sores were the same but one had a head which looked blue. Back to the Vet stronger antibiotics for a further period. She said that surgery may be the answer if the antibiotics didn’t work. They didn’t so not wanting surgery I turned to Helios again. Sent pictures, described treatment so far. They sent me Hepar Sulph 200C and Arnica 200C to bathe with Hypericum/Calendula 5-10 drops in 15ml of water to bathe. A week and a half sorted. Pictures show before and after homeopathic treatment.

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Two weeks later.

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