Jane Phillips

I moved to an independent integrated vet a year ago. I had been monitoring eyelid warts on a 12 yr old and wanted advice…didnt want a knife happy vet. Very helpful…checked that cornea not being damaged…and that removal would bring a whole new range of problems. Suggested a lubricant and the cheapest place to buy. A year on my 9mnth collie pup (hopefully an agility partner) went lame on front leg. Conventional xrays and referral opinion done. In the meantime he gave a homeopathic treatment combo to support bone development. Conventional medicine could have only offered metacam etc and as he said he didn’t need pain killer…better to self limit. Xrays not conclusive but suddenly pup stopped limping. Further vet exam and previous reactions all gone! Staying on homeopathic treatment until he has finished developing / all growth plates closed. Could conventional approach have offered any alternative? I don’t believe so.