Judy Cartwright

I have a dog with a pseudomonas aeruginosa ear infection Identified by culture and treated by my vet for ten months with conventional treatments. The antibiotics failed to clear it up and he was on steroids for the swelling, to keep him comfortable. As you know steroids suppress the immune system. A month ago he started on cold laser and acupuncture backed up by homeopathic nosodes, The inflammation has gone, the infection is clearing and my boy is happy and has a better quality of life. To be honest I dont know and dont really care what part of this treatment package worked. I just know that something has..In the future faced with a dog with pseudomonas I would go straight to this treatment. Furthermore I think we arrived at this situation of antibiotic resistant bacteria because of the over prescribing of antibiotics. I asked for the culture, my vet did not suggest it so the initial antibiotics were not even the right ones. This is a personal example but there are many many more where allopathic treatments fail and holistic approach works. I am not going to let RCVS take away my right to choose an alternative to conventional medicine.