Julia Cormack 2

He is one of Athena’s 15 puppies who started to limp ..he ended up screaming in pain and I rushed him to vets
Vets took x rays nothing found
Next day wanted £2,000 up front before they would even let him go to the other hospital
MRI Scan
Fluid removed
And final diagnosis
Steroid Response Melangitis to which I said he doesn’t fit this at all
They agreed that it may not be but wanted him to have steroids
I joined a group and it just didn’t add up to me
No steroids given only homeopathic treatment and Catherine kindly sent CBD oil
He was in a worse condition when he left vets
So he went to see Christopher Day
Junior did not want to get out of the car as he was in so much pain
Christopher looked at him took history already had notes
Got up gave him Mctimoney Chiropractor treatment only to find his pelvis was out
Immediately Junior was relieved he was walking so much better..it was great to see
So the point is The Conventional Vet had no idea about Junior’s Pelvis and he was left in this pain to long
Three months later Junior became paralysed. ..and it was homeopathic remedies that got him back up and walking
He has a Mctimoney Chiropractor now and needs this treatment to realign him