Libby Breeze

My 5 year old labrador Sooty is a bright lively dog who loves flyball, agility and Rally. She was previously a very confident dog but on 13th Nov 2016 she had her first seizure followed by another in January 2017. I discussed our options with my conventional vet and he felt if she had a third seizure it would be diagnosed as idiopathic epilepsy, the treatments included phenobarbital and he warned me of possible side effects including kidney failure and increased appetite leading to obesity and arthritic joint problems. I began my own research and put Sooty on a gluten free diet but another seizurr occurred in may. I advised my conventional vet i would like to try a holistic vet who lived locally. He was supportive of my decision and knew the vet concerned speaking highly of her. My holistic vet put Sooty on valerian and scullcap with prebiotics to support her gut health. She also advised no vaccines, wo advised no need to worm and neem oil for flea and tick control. We are currently 5 and a half months from Sootys last seizure. Perhaps the RCVS can explain to me why itis wrong to research and consult qualified experts when my dog has a health problem.