Nicola Fairhurst

Homepathy not only saved Floyd’s life, but has allowed him to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life ever since, most importantly allowing him to act like a normal 3yr old Boxer dog. Floyd’s story is long & complex, but I want to try to explain it to show just how important homeopathy was for him as I feel so strongly about this situation.

Floyd was diagnosed with steroid-responsive meningitis at around 10 months old after weeks and weeks of going back and forwards to the Vets, trying every drug/scan/test possible, to then be told you can’t actually prove SRM & infanct it is diagnosed based upon how well they respond to steroids and whether symptoms remain or go. Frustratingly we put him through so much when infact we could have started treatment immediately and got to the same result. Anyways, once we were happy that SRM was the right diagnosis the conventional Vet was quite happy to treat him by giving him daily concoctions of gabapentin, metacam, extremely high doses of prednicare along with many other types of antibiotics/pain killers, some causing hallucinations which was extremely distressing to see. There was never any conversation from the Vet about the long term plan for Floyd, it would just be a 10 minute consultation where they would quickly hear our concerns for that day/week & dispense yet another drug that we couldn’t pronounce the name of. This went on for some time and after multiple attempts at stopping the steroid treatment when we saw improvements in Floyd, he would quickly relapse & we would frustratingly be back at square one every time. When Floyd’s booster jab was due we were encouraged to get him off the steroids for 2 weeks so they could give him the injection. Thankfully Floyd was too aggitated for them to be able to give him it so he missed his booster, which we later learned was a huge blessing in disguise as Sue advised us this would have stimulated an immune response and most likely a bad relapse. How the conventional Vet thought a booster was important at the time i have no idea 😡

Floyd’s quality of life was poor, he rarely went for walks, had no twinkle in his eye and the simplest of things required a lot of effort from him. Due to the high dose of steroids he looked overweight, bloated, his colour was dull and his hair had never regrown after several months where it had been shaved for the spinal taps.

Clutching at straws, I made a phonecall to Honeys raw food company to discuss the possibility of raw feeding, after listening to our story and consulting with their own vet they advised due to his low immune system it would not be safe at that time, but to contact Sue at Balance Being to see if she could help us.

I still remember our first appointment so clearly, Sue made it quite clear that she would not put Floyd under any stress or fear & the appointment would be more of a discussion between us (which was music to our ears having witnessed a Vet once sit on Floyd to muzzle him as he was taking too long to calm down for them to examine him for the millionth time whilst he was in extreme pain). Sue had a blanket laid out for him, fresh water and allowed him to be off his lead exploring around the room meaning Floyd could approach Sue in his own time. This appointment alone filled us with so much hope as for the first time in 18 months someone was taking the time to listen and all Sue wanted was for Floyd to get better and not to make money out of us.
Since then we have worked together with our main goal being to reduce Floyd’s steroid dose, to give you some idea of how far he has come he was once on 100mg of prednicare a day, when we started seeing Sue this was 50mg a day…and now he can healthily live on 2.5mg every other day!!!! Sue helped us to focus purely on his immune system, we changed his food to Orijen, and he has been supported by K9 Immunity and K9 transfer factor ever since, with cortisone spray on his gums every few days. As you can see from these photos that were taken last week he has come a LONG way. He now loves nothing more than leaping about the beach, his colour is rich, his coat is shiny & his zest for life is back. Although he will be on tablets for life, the level of damaging steroid is low and the homeopathic remedies are working wonders for him. The most important thing is he can live his life like a dog should!

It breaks my heart to think a dog/animal could be denied of the second chance Floyd had, due to idiots caring more about ££’s than the health and wellbeing of an animal.