Nina Ewerhardy

As I mentioned in another post, Gracie, my 8 year old Bichon, hurt her back in July this year. She just started limping out of nowhere, might have been something that has built up over time. The conventional vet prescribed anti inflammatory meds and Tramadol, which I gave in the hope it will help her. They did nothing, only made her groggy and upset her stomach, so I requested some x-rays to be taken. They also showed nothing. I then asked to see a physio, this had a mild effect on her and she did not treat the symptom, but concentrated on strengthening her legs. So I was desperate, contacted a holistic vet, my conventional vet agreed that it’s worth a try, and at this point, Gracie had suffered for almost 2 months. She looked like a 16 year old dog and was so depressed. One session of acupuncture, combined with golden paste and CBD oil, and I could see such a change the very next day. We continued with the acupuncture and 2 months on, and with Arnica 30c added to the mix when she is stiff, and the odd chiropractor session, she is like a new dog, even better than she was before she hurt her back. And the only thing that helped her was alternative treatment. The Arnica pills make a huge difference. I know people say it’s just sugar pills and cause a placebo effect but Gracie doesn’t know that, does she. And I know for a fact all of the alternative treatments she received and still receives changed her life for the better.