Pam Rundle

I have used an holistic approach to healing my animals and my family for most of my life, I trained as a Physiotherapist for Humans and in Shiatsu and energy healing for dogs I have been with my holistic Vet for 30 years, during that time I have also worked at conventional Vet practices and Vet hospitals, I have too many success stories with complimentary therapies to list, but one was with my 10 year old E.Setter Dolly who was diagnosed with Lymphoma and given 4 – 6 weeks to live without the use of Chemotherapy. I chose an alternative route for her and she died at 12.5 years old living a normal life and never really knowing that she was ill, we used herbs, supplements and homeopathy during this time for her, we also did regular blood testing to make sure we had things under control. I use Traumeel and Arnica etc, and cold laser and accupressure for injuries. It wasn’t so long ago that Acupuncture was frowned on and now it’s a proven treatment and given on the NHS. How dare the RSVC tell me what I can and can’t choose to use on my animals, when will they learn that allopathic and complimentary medicine can work very well hand in hand.