Vickie Taylor

The turn was the diagnosis of EBP in a 4 month old husky pup.
He had puppy vaccines. Under specialist care he underwent ECG, multiple chest X-rays, more than 1 lung wash. He was put on steroids and they also wanted to administer Atopica because I questioned the Atopica, I was accused of refusing him treatment! Anyway trying to keep it short… they put him on Hills ZD of which we had explosive diarrhoea and I was informed ‘we can give him something for that!’ The attitude of ‘there’s an APP for that’ truly saddens me, when…. I’ve been there before and had a dog on a LONG list of meds all of which are causing ITHER health problems. Anyway… with the help of bioresonance the following February he was off all meds, raw fed, no flea, worm or further vaccines. Since this time he’s been a very psychologically mixed up young man. Since May 2016 he has not wanted to eat, displayed autistic behaviours. I consulted my vet who wanted refer him for yet MORE tests. I’ve since had a homeopathic consultation and spent most of my free time researching. He’s is now at 2.5 years a happier, healthier somewhat NORMAL dog, he is on NO current medication and is continuing to thrive, he walks roughly 4 hard miles comfortably now where as previously 1.5 miles and that was him done.
Recently another dog pulled a ligaments I was offered loxicom… instead off home I went got RRA! No diarrhoea No gastrointestinal bleeding and fully recouped girl back to hiking 🙂