Wendy Szarvasbika

1. Puppy diagnosed with papilloma virus due to over vaccination. Vets did not offer treatment and said she’s likely to get worse before getting better. I started treating her with Thuja 30C. She was completely healed in two weeks.

2. Dog diagnosed with a lipoma which couldn’t be removed through surgery as it as under his muscle. I started him on golden paste as I had nothing to lose. It eventually reduced to nothing and is no longer visible.

3. Dog developed lump in groin. Vets offered exploratory surgery and suspected a hernia. I started her on golden paste and in 3 days it was gone. Turns out it was a swollen lymph node so surgery cancelled.

4. Dogs paw swollen and inflamed. My first thought was vet visit then though no…that would involve general anesthetic, paw cut open, flushed, stitches, bandaged up and a course of antibiotics. Instead I used Silicea 30C. She had two doses and the grass seed came out an hour later. Followed by colloidal silver and manuka honey.

I have used natural treatments so many times on my dogs. These are just a few that sprung to mind. I will always use the holistic route first.